• Buying Carpets Guide to Carpet selection hints and tips on carpet style, colour selection, quality, negotiation, purchase and fitting.

  • Tips and advice on how to buy the best type of carpet for dogs and cats.

  • Carpet articles and advice on selecting the best carpet for you. Avoid the mistakes and solve the problems.

  • Carpet Care and Cleaning. Carpet stains a problem? Guidelines for Stain and Spot Removal from carpet and rugs.

  • Peter Tozer - West Country based Independent carpet consultant and carpet quality inspection service. Includes personal visit to the site, inspection, advice, report preparation and submission.

  • Carpet pile reversal a disappointing carpet condition also known as water marking and pooling. It’s a concern for many owners of new carpet that can happen within hours of having a new carpet fitted, or it may not appear for months afterwards

  • Get your FREE Carpet Buying Guide and Shopper's Check List. Buying carpet made easy. How to Buy The Carpet You Want. . . and Pay Much Less For It.

  • Glossary of Carpet Terms- a comprehensive list of carpet terms. Look up a carpet term explanation or problem i.e. pile reversal, delamination and pilling.

  • How to buy carpet and save money - a carpet buying guide book for consumers. Pay less for carpet. How to learn carpet selection, purchase, carpet fibres, negotiating, installation and maintenance.

  • How to buy carpet and save money - an essential carpet buying guide book. Carpet trade secrets with consumer advice and dozens of cost cutting tips on carpet selection, negotiation and purchase.

  • How to buy carpet store for carpet books, rugs, childrens rugs and carpet vacuum cleaners.

  • How to select a Carpet Style. Are you looking for a cut pile carpet with a soft finish or a loop pile carpet which has a hard, functional feel?

  • Natural Carpets - The Benefits of a Wool Carpet. Buying soft, luxurious wool carpeting is now really good value with the cost of synthetic carpet fibres rising.

  • Order your copy of How to Buy Carpet and Save Money by post

  • Order your copy of the book 'HowTo Buy Carpet and Save Money' and start paying less for carpet now. Make buying a carpet easy and paying high carpet prices.

  • Peter Tozer - Carpet Consultant and author of How To Buy Carpet And Save Money. A consumers guide book to carpet with hints, tips and advice on cutting the cost of buying a carpet.

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