Peter Tozer - Carpet Consultant and Inspector

Buying a carpet is a pleasure that improves our surroundings, allows us to express our individuality, and makes our homes attractive, comfortable and cosy.

If you have a problem buying a particular carpet, or you are unsure about the advice given to you, then I can help to make things clear for you.

Maybe you've purchased a carpet and it has a defect which your supplier has dismissed. If you need a second opinion then I can organise an inspection, advise you, then provide a written report of my findings.

Your new carpet, if it is a good quality and installed by a professional fitter, should give you years of pleasure and satisfaction.

Regrettably, mistakes made when purchasing, poor advice by a supplier, lack of fitting skills and manufacturing defects can taint the whole experience.

What's The Problem?

Often, when a problem occurs, it seems that those involved in the selection and supply process want to shift the blame elsewhere.

Alternatively, they may go through the process of recording your concerns, but then it all seems to drag on without anyone showing the same sense of urgency they had when the sale was being made.

Sometimes it seems that no one is interested in helping, the outcome is unreasonable or dismissive.

Occasionally both parties misunderstand a problem or the situation is not assessed correctly.

At times like this it helps to have an independent, un-biased opinion.

Carpet Inspection

My inspection will be objective to diagnose any fault and I will offer advice and assistance should you need to seek compensation from your supplier or fitter.

My geographical area of operation is:

Bristol (Avon)

I will visit your home or business to inspect and assess the carpet problem. This can sometimes involve releasing the carpet from the substrate (where appropriate) to inspect the underside.

A detailed report including digital photographs is prepared and submitted, subsequent to the visit.

As required, I will advise a suggested course of action to assist in the resolution of any dispute or how best to rectify defects.

If necessary, samples may be taken and submitted for independent laboratory analysis.


Consultation and Advice: £75 per hour
Domestic Inspection: £95.00
Commercial Inspection £120.00
Mileage charge: .50p per mile 

An inspection includes a personal visit to the site, close examination, digital photography, sample collection (if feasible) report preparation and submission.

Laboratory testing and analysis carries additional costs - Please enquire.

Carpet Inspector - South WestFor all other areas in UK please contact me for details.

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