How To Select a Carpet Style

Selecting a carpet style is often the hardest part of the carpet buying process.

You may have an idea of what colour you want when you enter the shop, (and you might have worked out what you want to spend) and then you see the style choices.

Do you know what you are looking for?

You’re going to have to live with your choice for a long time and spend a large chunk of money on it, so getting the selection right is very important.

Your final carpet style selection will be influenced by many factors.

You may want to repeat the same as you had before, particularly if the performance was satisfactory - why rock the boat.

The carpet industry is now a fashion business (often influenced by ladies fashions) and although manufacturers try and keep ahead of trends, the established favourite styles still endure.

Research and development of a new carpet range takes about 6 to 9 months and in that time lots can change in the world of fashion.

Study the furnishing and home interest magazines to check out the latest styles and colour trends, make a note of current prices for comparison in the shops.

Before you rush of to the shops, take some time to consider what style of carpet you want. Indentify the popular styles of carpet compared to what you have now and think about your preference.

Once you’ve done that, why not refer to your ‘Carpet Shopper’s Check List’ to help put together a plan of action!

Soft or Hard Surface

Generally, a cut pile carpet has a soft finish and a loop pile carpet has a hard, functional feel. The exception to this would be a soft, 100% wool, luxury loop pile carpet – often referred to as a Berber style..

Hard surface loop pile carpets are well suited to demanding areas of the home such as Kitchens, Utility Rooms, Halls, Conservatories and Offices.

Don’t forget that office chairs with castors can wreak havoc with any style of carpet, so invest in a plastic protector mat to save damage. Most office supply companies sell them – tin the UK try Staples, Viking or Euroffice.

Here are some of the different styles available to you.

Cut Pile Loop Pile
Twist Level Loop
Saxony Loop Pile Berber
Frieze Multi-Level Loop
Shag   Cut & Loop
Cut Pile Print Graphics/Hydrashift

Cut Pile Woven

  Axminster Tip Sheared
  Wilton Needle Felt/Needle Punch
Flat Weave Flock Pile

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